Reunification of Unaccompanied Minors


children detained at the U.S. Southwest Border in 2014.

578 days

that a child waits, on average, for a hearing – Brookings Institute

Only 32%

of the children have legal representation.

Since 2007, in partnership with Lutheran Immigration and Refuges Service, we have provided fingerprinting services to the sponsors of unaccompanied children. We have also helped families complete the reunification package and given them access to all of our programs, as well as those available through our Nonprofit Hub.

During this time, we have seen first-hand the brave suffering of families striving to be reunified with children detained at the US border. We have been especially grieved and outraged by the plight of girls experiencing horrific gender violence in their home country.

To bring awareness to the issue of reunification of unaccompanied minors, we are part of coalitions of other community groups working on this issue.

Currently The Women’s Building is Working to

  • Educate our clients, volunteers, staff, and the community on the issues
  • Participate in community actions and campaigns
  • Support community efforts to provide services for affected families
  • Participate in Movimiento por la Reunificacion Familiar (MRF).


  • Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services


For more information about our advocacy activities, please call

(415) 431-1180 ext. 11