Emerging Artists Program & Application

What is the Emerging Artist Program?
Since 1978, supporting emerging artists has been a key part of the Celebration of Craftswomen. The Celebration is truly tied to engaging, encouraging and supporting each artist in developing the nuance of their craft and operations.

One year is the maximum number of years you can be accepted as an emerging artist in the Celebration of Craftswomen.

You can be considered an Emerging Artist if you meet the following criteria:

 • You have been selling work to the general public for a maximum of one year

• Your work has potential artistic merit and has been accepted by our jury

• As with regular applicants, preference may be given to artists with diverse backgrounds

 • And naturally, you must be female!

All applications are due by October 15th, 2013

Breakdown of Fees and Booth Pricing are on application form
Total Fees: $155 for one weekend

Emerging Artist Application

You can email us at: craftswomen@gmail.com