Advocacy for Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing is critical for the wellbeing of women and their families.


Average monthly rent in the Mission– 2015.


Salary needed to pay average monthly rent (assume 1/3 of income to rent).


Median SF home price – 2015.

As a result of incredibly high rent prices, San Francisco’s low-income families, artists, seniors, activists, teachers, social workers and emergency responders have been forced to live in crowded conditions, work additional jobs, cut other necessary expenses or move to far-away areas, adding long commutes to their lives.

We believe that by taking an active role in anti-displacement and affordable housing activism, we are supporting these vulnerable-yet-valuable community members’ choice to live in San Francisco, and to keep their voices and creativity as part of our City’s larger feminist/progressive movement.

Currently The Women’s Building is Working to

  • Educate our clients, volunteers, staff, and the community on housing issues
  • Participate in community actions and campaigns
  • Support community efforts to stop luxury developments in the Mission District
  • Support community efforts to maintain and create more affordable housing
  • Provide meeting and coalition-building space for organizations working on issues of displacement


  • Plaza 16
  • Mission Strategy Coalition.
    • Partners include: ACCE, Calle 24, Casa Sanchez, Centro de Independencia Económica de Mujeres y Jovenes, Cultural Action Network, HOMEY, Latino Voter Project SF, Living Wage Coalition, MEDA, Mission Neighborhood Centers, Mission SRO Collaborative, Our Mission NO Eviction, Pacific Felt Factory, Plaza 16 Coalition, PODER, SF Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, SF Latino Democratic Club, SF Green Party, SF Low Rider Council, TODCO Group, United Educators of San Francisco.


Help us create better housing opportunities for low-income families in the Mission.

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