Sexual Assault & Harassment Prevention Project


Percentage of perpetrators of sexual violence that will walk free


Percentage of trans people who will experience sexual assault in their lifetimes.

98 Seconds

Every 98 seconds someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted.

The Women’s Building is a unique, non-profit, that has been recognized for decades now as a city-wide center for women’s issues and resources.  We are now committed to joining the fight to end sexual assault and harassment in San Francisco.  We are prepared to mobilize our constituents and our community to end violence against all women and to advocate for those organizations seeking to do the same.

The statistics on this issue are alarming (young women aged 16 to 34 are particularly at risk of sexual violence) and disturbing. The Women’s Building expects that, over time, our advocacy project will have a positive impact on decreasing the number of women who experience this terrible crime.  We believe that the time is right for us to take leadership on this vital issue. Violence against women affects everyone and all us of (including men) need to be part of the solution to end it.

Come to The Women’s Building and experience for yourself our community and all the ways you can get involved in making our neighborhood and our city a welcoming place for women & girls.  We are a one-stop shop for making that a reality!

Currently The Women’s Building is Working to:

  • Educate our community, volunteers and staff about the prevalence of sexual assault & harassment in our society
  • Support the establishment of the office of Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention (SHARP) in San Francisco
  • Organize our Women’s Building community to reduce the number of survivors of sexual assault & harassment
  • Advocate for legislation and more resources at the city & state level to eliminate sexual assault & harassment from our lives
  • Promote a survivor centered approach to addressing sexual assault & harassment that centers marginalized women (and those who identify as women) and advocates for more than basic carceral solutions

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TWB Advocacy Project Collaborators

  • SFWAR, CROC, MUA, CUAV, St James Infirmary, Project Survive and many others…


For more information about our advocacy activities, please contact our Advocacy Specialist Vylma Ortiz, Esq.

(415) 431-1180 ext. 20