Computer Lab and WiFi

Drop in to use our computers to send emails, search the internet, and more. Free.


San Franciscans who don’t have internet access at home.


San Franciscans have only slow dial-up connections. (2015)

Technology can open the doors to new economic and social freedom, and connect you to your community and family in new ways. Our Computer Lab offers free access to computers and the internet, a printer, and copy machine (donation per page). We can help you in English and Spanish.

We Offer

  • Free computer use
  • Printer and photocopy machine
  • Scanner
  • Basic help: Need more help? See our Tech Tutoring section.

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Schedule Subject To Change

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday


“I honestly don’t know what I would do without The Women’s Building. I use the computers to create copies of my resumes. The volunteers and employees here are always helpful and understanding.”

– E.T.

 “I use the computer lab to print resumes, check email, and to network to find a job and a home. I often refer people to the facilities – I am grateful you’re here!”

– C.B.

“I came for the Narcotics Anonymous meetings, then came back to use the computers. I even found a new place to live and got connected to legal resources.”

– A.G.


Great volunteers make all of our services possible. If you have a few hours a week, you can help people with a wide range of skills and services that can change their lives for the better!

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Visit us at the Community Resource Room
We are located on the 1st Floor
(415) 431-1180 EXT. 11




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The Women’s Building is a safe place focused on women’s issues. Here everyone can come together and find their own confidence and strength. We offer everyone the tools and resources to create better lives for themselves, their family and their community.

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