The first women-owned community center

Primer centro comunitario fundado por mujeres

A safe place for women

Un espacio seguro para las mujeres

Powered by women… for the community

Hecho y respaldado por mujeres...para la comunidad

Empower. Enrich. Engage.  Since 1979


The Women’s Building is a safe place focused on women’s issues. Here everyone can come together and find their own confidence and strength. We offer everyone the tools and resources to create better lives for themselves, their family and their community.


El Edificio de Mujeres es un espacio seguro, enfocado en temas de la mujer, donde todos pueden reunirse y encontrar su propia fuerza y confianza. Ofrecemos las herramientas y los recursos, para crear una vida mejor para sí mismos, sus familias y su comunidad.

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Join our 20K in 20 days challenge! We are proud to welcome over 25,000 people every year, but in this distressing political climate, we are seeing a huge rise in women and families reaching out to us for a helping hand. With $20,000 we can welcome 1,200 MORE women and provide over 200 hours of 1-on-1 assistance, but we need YOU to join our efforts!

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Learn about The Women’s Building’s social services focused on low-income women and families. Job search help, Food Pantry, legal assistance, wellness classes and more.

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Non-Profit Hub at The Women’s Building

Inside The Women’s Building are nine other organizations serving women, girls and families. By being in the same building, new partnerships are formed, and groups find that their community work is greatly improved.


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