We are committed to fulfilling the vision of The Women’s Building: to build a strong San Francisco community of women that is diverse, supportive and progressive.

Our team approach to leadership reflects our values as an agency committed to empowering women, including its staff. Executive Director Teresa Mejía, a staff member for more than twelve years, leads our efforts. An Operations Team, comprised of our Development, Program, and Facilities Directors, works with Teresa on strategic planning and program development, external relations, and agency management. Board members are active in agency development and provide substantive guidance and support in finance and program development.

Teresa Mejía

Executive Director

Tatjana Loh

Development Director

Ext. 15
Contact for: Tours, gifts, fundraising questions, membership questions, mailing list changes

Charlene Gumbs

Facilities Coordinator

Ext. 13
Contact for: Office rentals, questions about the building/facilities

Kelly Lockwood

Finance and Human Resources Director

Ext. 18
Contact for: Accounting and finances

Tania Estrada

Community Programs Director

Ext. 11
Contact for: Community programs, collaborations, and advocacy issues

Olivia Herrera

Bookings Director

Ext. 21
Contact for: Room rentals, Events Calendar

Jessica Gutierrez

Fingerprinting and Family Reunification Programs Coordinator

Ext. 24
Contact for: Fingerprinting and Family Reunification Services 

Eva Cedros

Volunteer and Technology Coordinator & Tax Preparation Coordinator

Ext. 11
Contact for:  Volunteer Opportunities and Tax Program

Adriana Peralta

Bookings Coordinator

Ext. 14
Contact for: Room rentals, Events Calendar


Vylma Ortiz Esq.

Advocacy Specialist

Ext. 20
Contact for: Advocacy efforts to End Sexual Assault

Kristen Acosta

Food Pantry Coordinator and Programs Assistant

Ext. 11
Contact for:  Food pantry enrollment; food pantry volunteer opportunities

Quincy Dare

Development Assistant

Ext. 22
Contact for: Fundraising opportunities

Lilybeth Macias

Fingerprinting Servies

Contact for: Fingerprinting Services

Lorensa Ramirez


Lorena Lopez

Family Reunification Caseworker

Ext. 11

Maria Arteaga Villamil

Family Reunification Caseworker

Myrna Aguilar

Event Support

Ext. 10

Contact for: Event Support

Jacqueline Lopez

Event Support

Ext. 10

Contact for: Event Support

Marisela Mendoza

Bookings Associate

Ext. 10
Contact for: Room rentals, Events calendar

Karina Martinez



Great volunteers make all of our services possible. If you have a few hours a week, you can help people with a wide range of skills and services that can change their lives for the better!

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The Women’s Building is a safe place focused on women’s issues. Here everyone can come together and find their own confidence and strength. We offer everyone the tools and resources to create better lives for themselves, their family and their community.

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